Cold War and Domestic Policy



In 1973 there were many different reforms in society although the year had been filled with chaos. 1973 was filled with many important landmarks in our civil history in U.S. domestic policy. The Vietnam war had been officially ended. The U.S. had legalized abortion. Most importantly, the Watergate scandal had broke in the year. Making this year very important in recent history.


Watergate had broken into headlines that year with the existence of the tapes. Including the trials within the government. Along with this scandal the U.S. had made abortions legal under the court case of Roe v. Wade. These political movements in culture were also followed by art and pop culture; including, Marvel’s Avengers comics becoming more popular and “retro revival” in art, fashion, and music. These events in 1973’s culture live to this day fueling topics that are being reimagined and discussed today.


The Watergate scandal had broken out in 1973 and had messed with the politics at the time. After the scandal how campaigns were held had changed drastically. To clean up political parties and to prevent corruption. Setting strict limits on amounts that White House aspirants can spend in presidential primaries. And many more reforms were made to stop corruption the campaigns.

Current Events:

In 1973 there are many events that take place that affects our discussions in today’s politics. Most recently being the decision of Roe v. Wade., which had made abortion legal. Today states are putting many restrictions on it and on birth control in general effectively challenging that decision. On September 20th there was a tennis match that was named “The Battle of The Sexes” in which really highlighted the fight between the need for reforms to help women. The Watergate scandal and the reforms that followed continues to affect awareness and prevention of political corruption. After the scandal, many reforms were put in place to stop the corruption on political campaigns which had also brought awareness to the people of the abilities of these corruptions. Today with certain politicians and rumors of corruption and campaigns these reforms are being more and more looked into. In this era, there were also many trials of associates in the scandal that could remind someone of current events in the presidential cabinet.

Important People:

In 1973 there were many people who had contributed to important events throughout the year. Including Norma Leah Nelson McCorvey, also known as “Jane Roe”, was the plaintiff in the landmark American lawsuit Roe v. Wade which had deemed the banning of abortion illegal. Along with some of the helpers of progress, there were also the embarrassments of the year. The former president Nixon who had been the head of the Watergate scandal.  For instance, Spiro Agnew, the Vice President of the United States under Richard Nixon, who had resigned during October of 1973 assumingly because of accusations of corruption. These people need to be remembered for their actions this year for better or for worse.